on circulation

on circulation is the first in a series of open-form sound performances exploring the circulation of digital sound objects through the internet and other contemporary media.

each performance is made by evolving rhythmic cells superposed and phasing with one another. the materials used are very short samples of less than one second that although their source becomes unrecognizable, still retain the spectral and dynamic qualities. sources include a broad range, from military training videos and candy-wrapping machines to free foley sample packs and user-generated content. 

for this particular realization, contrasting sections were introduced at the beginning and at the end. these deal with similar concerns regarding rhythm, superposition of temporalities, and the reproduction ad infinitum of virtual soundscapes. 

recorded live by alex inglizian



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oscillations is a series of concerts organized by the experimental sound studio in chicago, il. 

line-ups are remarkably diverse, featuring emerging and established artists working in contemporary chamber music, improvisation, broadcast, installation, electronic music, and more.

for more information about the series: ess—oscillations


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